Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Harvard/US Under-18 Exhibition

I apologize for the intermittent reports--I got bogged down with thesis work and haven't had the chance to drop by.

In any event, I was at the US-Under 18 game on Sunday night. The game was entertaining in its own right, but it was also enjoyable to be at the game as a fan of Harvard hockey. I take immense pleasure in calling the games on the air, but I'm also looking forward to returning being an unabashed supporter of the Crimson when I graduate in '08.

Anyway, some thoughts from the game:

1. Harvard was, unsurprisingly, the physically dominant team, but the Under-18 squad outskated Harvard, especially in the first 2 periods. Nevertheless, it was slightly odd seeing Harvard, typically a more finesse team, looking like a physical powerhouse. But when the opposition is in high school, that makes sense.

2. Goaltending: Kyle Richter got a well-deserved rest, replaced by Ryan Carroll for the first 2 periods with John Riley handling the 3rd. Carroll didn't look especially sharp, and in Riley's case, it's always difficult to come in cold. 

3. Harvard's first 2 goals seemed a bit fluky--the first came off a double deflection (I think) and the other came from a sharp angle shot that I think deflected off a skate or body.

4. Injuries: Joe Smith played. No McCafferty--not sure whether he'll be back vs. BC, though I wouldn't be surprised. He was skating last Thursday in practice, according to Ben Weintraub.

Join us tomorrow night for Harvard vs. Boston College from the Bright Hockey Center. The game begins at 7:00pm, our coverage begins at 6:45pm. We have a new episode of Top Shelf with Jimmy Fraser and Kyle Richter as well as an interview with Ted Donato. Tune in to 95.3 FM or listen to us streaming live on whrb.org 

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