Thursday, August 27, 2009

Hockey Headlines - August 27

Two bits of Harvard hockey-related news to report - one regarding incoming freshman Louis Leblanc, and another on college hockey jerseys.

The Winnipeg Free Press notes that today is freshman move-in day at Harvard, and so Louis Leblanc is transitioning to another stage in his career. Says Leblanc of arriving in Cambridge: "It won't be the same. Nobody will recognize me, and it might do a bit of good to relax a little bit, prove myself again."

Expectations are high for Leblanc in Canada, and though he will probably only be at Harvard for two seasons - these years are critical to his development as a player, and we'll see how much of an adjustment to the college game he'll have to make.

The Hockey News is surveying jerseys at all levels of hockey, and today they're ranking ECAC jerseys. Harvard's threads come in 10th place, ahead of only Colgate and Cornell.

But I take greater issue with the top of the rankings. In second place is Union, and one spot behind them is Princeton. The Dutchmen's uniforms are a shapeless and bland mish-mash of crimson and black - not clever or original as THN calls them. I could never put Princeton's on-ice look above any school, simply because I believe orange and black is an unfortunate color combination that can never look good (see the Cincinnati Bengals over the years).

So I'll concede that Harvard's threads might not be inspired or unique, but in my opinion the Crimson has a crisp and collegiate look that works just fine - and much better than the Dutchmen or Tigers.

Now, draw up a third jersey in black and crimson, and then I'd argue for higher placement.

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