Friday, October 23, 2009

Postgame: Harvard 3 McGill 3 OT F

Well, some technical problems (not on WHRB's end) tonight meant the game could not be heard, so I figure some quick post-game stats are in order, following the brief analysis.

Coach Donato talked about the importance of this game for the Crimson because it is their one and only chance to work out the kinks before starting ECAC Hockey play. Harvard, at times, looked like a team playing their first game. Passes weren't connecting, players were falling or running into each other, and they had trouble at times getting out of the zone. Still, the Crimson did a great job of hanging around a McGill team that, while officially 2-0 on the year, has already played 7 games coming into tonight, and which is ranked #8 in the CIS standings. It was also a great job of not letting up despite being down early 2-0, and later 3-1. Both of these things were seen the most in the third period, a period spent almost entirely in McGill's zone. It should also be important to not let the scoreline leave a false impression of the game: Harvard had plenty more opportunities, but faced a quality goaltender in Hubert Morin.

From what we've seen so far, the Crimson will be playing a very aggressive, fast-paced, physical game. All four lines tonight were speedy, and any turnover, anywhere on the ice, could be and was quickly converted into opportunities in the McGill end. Certainly there's some things, particularly defensively, that need to be worked on, but this was a great start for the 09-10 Crimson campaign.

Scoring Summary
1st Period
09:18 McGill EV goal by Guillaume Doucet, assisted by Simon Legare-Marcotte and Ben Gazdic to make it 1-0.
17:31 McGill PP goal by Francis Varreault-Paul, assisted by Andrew Wright and Alex Picard-Hooper to make it 2-0.
19:42 Harvard EV goal by Michael Biega, assisted by Louis Leblanc and Alex Killorn to make it 2-1.

2nd Period
10:37 McGill EV goal by Guillaume Doucet, his second on the night, assisted by Stephen Valente and Simon Legare-Marcotte to make it 3-1.

3rd Period
10:49 Harvard PP goal by Alex Biega, assisted by Conor Morrison to make it 3-2.
17:55 Harvard EV goal by Doug Rogers, unassisted to make it 3-3.

After the jump, we'll look at some more stats and our three stars of the game.

Penalty Summary
There were a lot of penalties called on both teams (5 in the first, 12 in the second, 8 in the third, 2 in OT) so it's not really productive to list all of them. Looking at a couple of Crimson players: Louis Leblanc earned penalties in the 1st, 3rd, and OT and Alex Fallstrom had two penalties, in the 2nd and 3rd, the only two repeat offenders for the Crimson.

McGill was 1 for 6 with the man advantage with 3 shots.
Harvard was 1 for 12 with the man advantage with 20 shots.

McGill's Hubert Morin gave up 3 goals on 49 shots in 3 periods of play and OT.
Harvard's Kyle Richter gave up 3 goals on 18 shots in 3 periods of play and OT.

Shots on Goal

1st Period: McGill 7, Harvard 15.
2nd Period: McGill 8, Harvard 14.
3rd Period: McGill 1, Harvard 17.
Overtime: McGill 2, Harvard 3.
Game Totals:McGill 18, Harvard 49.

Harvard Lines
Fallstrom, Rogers, Everson
Killorn, Leblanc, M. Biega
Greiner, Michaud, Moriarty
Coassin, Morrison, Moore, Del Mauro

Huxley and A. Biega
Grimshaw and Tallett
Morin and D. Biega and Starrett


Stars of the Game

3rd: Harvard's Doug Rodgers had one goal on the day, the game-tying goal.
2nd: McGill's Hubert Morin stopped 46 shots and kept the Redmen in the game.
1st: McGill's Guillaume Doucet scored the first and last goals for the Redmen.


  1. McGill goalie only the # 2 star??!!?? Brendan, c'mon!

  2. To be fair, he did give up three goals. And that was the order I went through the stars when I did the "broadcast"- and I noted he would have been the number one star if they had won.

  3. Harvard will not be able to survive if Louis Leblanc continues to spend that much time in the penalty box.