Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Non-Sports: Blog Related Difficulties

For whatever reason, the sidebar on our blog was disappearing on the front page of the blog- well, not disappearing, but relocating to the very bottom of the page. This was, as they say, problematic, because that's where we keep, among other things, our upcoming schedule of broadcasts- something I'm sure you want to see and something we'd certainly like you to be aware of.

So we've switched over to a new template for the time being, although that's caused a whole new set of problems, including having to reset all of the colors on the blog to make this look like a blog for Harvard and not Columbia, and causing our WHRB Sports Blog image to be very off-centered. The colors thing is a relatively easy fix, the header image being off-centered has not been so far, but hopefully will be resolved soon.

Just wanted to let our loyal readers know that we are
a) working on it
b) hopeful you keep with us as the blog gets its facelift, even if it means the blog changes colors while you are on it
c) very interested in your feedback- if there's a problem with the colors for you, let us know so we can keep the blog readable.

Thanks all,
WHRB Sports

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