Monday, December 14, 2009

ECAC: If the Playoffs Started Today 1

We'll have a power rankings next week, but as teams head to the exam break (only two ECAC teams are in action this week, and they are both non-conference games), let's look at what the playoffs will look like if they started today (something we will do with more frequency when it gets closer to playoff time). So with apologies to Jim Mora, let's talk playoffs.

1. Quinnipiac
2. Cornell
3. Union
4. Colgate

12. Dartmouth at 5. Yale
11. Harvard at 6. St. Lawrence
10. Clarkson at 7. Brown
9. Princeton at 8. RPI

Harvard would get the tough trip to the North Country by way of one of the tiebreakers in the ECAC, although perhaps with the recent history between Brown and Harvard, Crimson fans would be grateful to head into upstate New York rather than over to Providence.

Of course, another month of play will probably make this all irrelevant anyway. But when no games are being played, this is the type of stuff we have to discuss.

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