Saturday, February 13, 2010

Harvard and the Winter Olympics

Last night was the Opening Ceremony for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. We here at WHRB Sports had the chance to talk with all 5 Harvard Graduates competing in this year's Olympics. The five, Angela Ruggiero (USA), Jennifer Botterill (CAN), Julie Chu (USA), Caitlin Cahow (USA), and Sarah Vaillancourt (CAN), will all be competing in women's ice hockey. After the jump, we have the segments of the interviews we conducted with them two weeks ago, prior to the Opening Round of the Women's Beanpot. Parts of the following interview feature aired during our broadcast of the Harvard-Boston College game during the Beanpot.

First, since we were talking with the athletes for the Beanpot, we asked them what the Beanpot meant to them. Here's what they had to say.

Next we talked to them about some of their best memories of playing at Harvard.

Then we talked to them about how Harvard helped to develop them for the international game.

These five players have seen a lot of each other, both at Harvard but then on the international stage. We asked what it was like to face Harvard teammates during the Olympics.

Finally, we asked all of the players for some general thoughts about the Vancouver Olympics, including what it would be like to play on Canadian soil.

We'd like to thank Team USA media relations person Christy Jeffries and Team USA members Angela Ruggiero, Julie Chu, and Caitlin Cahow, as well as Team Canada media relations person Chris Jurewicz and Team Canada members Jennifer Botterill and Sarah Vaillancourt for their time in helping us put together this feature.

Here is the schedule to follow these five Harvard athletes in action in the Olympics. (All times EST)
February 13th
Canada v. Slovakia 8pm (CNBC)
February 14th
USA v. China 3pm (USA)
February 15th
Switzerland v. Canada 5:30pm (MSNBC)
February 16th
Russia v. USA 5:30pm (MSNBC)
February 17th
Canada v. Sweden 5:30pm (MSNBC)
February 18th
USA v. Finland 5:30pm (MSNBC)
February 20th
Placement Game 1 5:30pm
Placement Game 2 10:00pm
February 22nd
Semifinal 1 3:00pm
Placement Game 3 5:00pm
Semifinal 2 8:00pm
Placement Game 4 10:00pm
February 25th
Bronze Medal Game 2:00pm (MSNBC)
Gold Medal Game 6:30pm (MSNBC)

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