Thursday, October 7, 2010

Eerie Happenings in Easton

Colton Chapple, Saturday's starter at Quarterback (photo courtesy of

So this past Saturday, the Harvard coaching staff turned to sophomore Colton Chapple to play quarterback after Andrew Hatch was forced to miss the game due to a concussion. It was Chapple's first career start, not counting his one play of action against Brown. Colton preformed admirably in a limited role, throwing 6-11 for 82 yards and a touchdown. Most importantly, Chapple did not turn the ball over and gave the Crimson a chance to win. But was there something supernatural behind his performance? Color Broadcaster Charlie Hobbes and I witnessed a coincidence that was too good to be true.

Walking around the beautiful campus of Lafayette College following the Crimson victory, Charlie and I headed for the main quad, looking for buildings of interest. As we approached the on-campus church, we stopped and stared in disbelief. Here is what we saw:

That's right. The church on campus at Lafayette is called the Colton Chapel. On the campus where Colton Chapple was making his first career start. Now that's wild. What are the odds?

Here's some more info on Colton Chapple:

Here's some more info on the Colton Chapel:


  1. MERE coincidence? I think not.

  2. Go Chappel! He looked great again vs. Cornell!