Friday, January 28, 2011

LIVE BLOG Harvard (13-3, 2-0) vs. Columbia (11-5, 2-0)

Although the Crimson came out into the second frame and generally dominated the Columbia Lions, they still had no answer for Noruwa Agho. Agho led all scorers by double digits, with 27. Next closest were Casey and McNally on the Crimson, who each compiled 17. Casey had a double-double, with 13 rebounds in addition to his 17 points, and McNally was an impressive 9 for 12 from the free throw line. After a slow first half in which he only netted a single basket, Christian Webster came alive in the second, at one point draining three straight threes. Harvard committed 4 more turnovers than did the Lions, 16 to 12, but actually led in points off TO's, 16 to 15. The total scoring was as follows:

Editor's note- I threw all this information below the fold to clean up the front page. The total scoring and full live blog is available after the jump.-BR
Kyle Casey - 17 points
Oliver McNally - 17 points
Christian Webster - 16 points
Keith Wright - 14 points
Brandyn Curry - 9 points
Jeff Georgatos - 4 points

Noruwa Agho - 27 points (season high)
Brian Barbour - 19 points
Mark Cisco - 10 points
Melko Lyles - 5 points
Asenso Ampim - 2 points

------End of Game----------

00:00--With the shot clock off and a double-digit lead, Lions stop fouling. As time runs out, Harvard defeats the Columbia Lions 77-66.

19:15--McNally is leveled again in the closing seconds, but shakes it off and makes 1-2 FT. 77-66 Harvard

18:53--Lions continue to foul. Curry heads to the line again, Crimson shooting 79% tonight. Curry makes 1 of 2, is 2-4 on the night. 76-66 Harvard after the long-range Lions basket.

18:28--Agho leads the Lions with 22; Casey with 17. Casey comes out of the game to a general ovation.

18:07--Harvard leads 73-61. The Lions have begun to foul, but it would seem that the game is all but wrapped up against a Crimson team that leads the nation in FT percentage. Band breaks out in "final countdown"

17:28--Mark Cisco is fouled, goes 0-2 from the FT line. Columbia is 12-16 overall today. 73-58.

16:42--Harvard is shooting 53% from the field with 3:18 left to play, Columbia 36%.

16:00--Kyle Casey takes the rebound off of Daniels attempt. Agho takes the ball over the Crimson's missed shot and takes it to the net alone. Amaker calls time out, Harvard leads by 15 73-58 with 3:35 remaining

15:00--Mark Cisco, so dangerous in the first, strikes for the first time in the second half. Webster responds with another three, is lighting up the Lions with 16 after a slow start. 71-56.

13:15--Harvard elects to slow things down, misses the first shot but comes up with the rebound. Second is also no good, but a minute winds off the clock. Lions counterattack is blunted, and Harvard takes over again

12:05--Casey and Daniels trade blocks on each other at opposite ends, before Curry sends it to casey for the layup, Harvard up 62-49. Foul called on Matt Brown, Crimson's 6th. Agho takes the FT, misses. 62-51

9:45--Blocked shot from wright leads to foul on the breakaway by John Daniels. Kyle Casey charged with the foul. columbia makes one of two. 58-47

8:15--Georgatos puts up two from the post. Barbour draws a foul, Harvard's fourth. 56-46

8:30 --Casey (15), Wright (13), and McNally (12) are in double figures. Agho makes the FT after the shot, 54-44 Harvard.

7:27--McNally goes down hard on an intentional foul by Brian Barbour while charging to the net. Makes both, Harvard up 54-41

7:12 --Crimson finally start to settle down for longer possessions, running the clock down to three seconds before taking the shot. McNally somehow draws the foul on the shot from beyond the arc, makes two of three from the line. 52-41 Harvard.

5:35--Another dunk for Wright! Great defense by the Crimson right now is leading to multiple breakaway opportunities. Lions look to be struggling to keep up with Harvard since the start of the 2nd frame...this is a very different team

4:45--Columbia responds with a three that somewhat silences a capacity crowd at Lavietes Pavilion. Webster is fouled on his way to the post. After the inbound, kickout to Webster goes for three. Harvard 48-41

4:20--Loooong pass to Oliver McNally who sends to Keith Wright, who slams it home! Back to back dunks put the crimson up 45-38.

3:44--Beautiful layup by Oliver McNally while being fouled is quickly followed by a fantastic slam dunk from Casey on two consecutive breaks. Harvard opens its biggest lead of the day, 43-38

2:44--Brian Barbour takes a fast break, but is fouled by Oliver McNally. Makes both FT's 39-38

2:15--the action continues fast and furious. Wright to the post for two, but Columbia responds with a basket and also draws the foul, Brian Barbour with the basket but misses the FT. 39-36

1:45 Christian Webster drives to the net and tips it in for his second basket of the game. Columbia responds quickly, 37-34

1:05--Agho takes an offensive foul, his first, mooting Columbia's offensive possession.

0:00--Columbia takes the ball to start the second half. Long two-point attempt by Brian Barbour hits the rim and bounces. Harvard recovers the rebound and gets it to Casey at the post, who puts it up. Casey has 13, Harvard 35-32
---------------Start of the 2nd Half--------------------

Harvard 33, Columbia 32 - Halftime

Columbia's Noruwa Agho leads all scorers with 15 points, one below his season average. Agho certainly poses problems for the Harvard defense. For both teams, the scoring is thus:

Kyle Casey - 11 points
Keith Wright - 8 points
Oliver McNally - 6 points
Brandyn Curry - 4 points
Christian Webster - 2 points
Jeff Georgatos - 2 points

Noruwa Agho - 15 points
Mark Cisco - 8 points
Brian Barbour - 2 points
Melko Lyles - 5 points
Asenso Ampim - 2 points

Elsewhere around the Ivy League, Princeton leads brown 42-29 after trailing early. In Hanover, Cornell trails Dartmouth 31-14 at the half. The Big Red have yet to make a two-point shot in the game, and have committed 13 turnovers.


19:35--Casey takes a long, long two and puts Harvard ahead 33-32. Teams head to the locker room with the Crimson up 33-32

19:00-- Teams continue to go back and forth until Columbia's Agho takes it to the net and draws the foul on the converted basket. On the FT Agho converts, puts Columbia ahead 32-31

18:00--Cisco puts up another from the post, has done well against Harvard inside, owns 8 points for the lions. Harvard 31-29

17:10--Nice rebound by Andrew van Nest in his first action in the game leads to a Lions foul; 7th of the game for Columbia, and McNally makes both FTs. 31-27 Harvard, Crimson are shooting 87.5% from the line tonight, and are one of the leaders in the nation.

16:15--Keith Wright Muscles his way pas Danny Feldmann to give Harvard a two point lead, 29-27

15:10--Harvard takes one point lead on free throw from Keith Wright, 26-25

14:25--Casey snaps it with an offensive rebound-cum-slam dunk, and Oliver McNally follows with a beautiful 3! Harvard tied 25-25

14:10--Columbia has made 7 points straight; Harvard seems to be in an offensive malaise

12:40--Casey drives to the net but denied by good defense from Danny Feldmann. Columbia 23-21

12:05--Crimson are 0-5 from beyond the arc, although they are shooting 40.9% overall. Lions are shooting 40% even, including 2-6 from three point range.

11:51--Lyles is fouled by Casey and makes both free throws--Lions lead 23-21

11:15--Meiko Lyles ties the game with a long 3--21-21

10:51--Kyle Casey Makes two free-throws, leads Harvard with 7 points. 21-18

9:42 --Noruwa Agho takes a long three that is good, draws columbia within 1, 19-18 Harvard. Agho leads all players with 10 points

8:39--GREAT interception by Matt Brown on the inbound sets up Oliver McNally for an easy two! Harvard 19-13

8:35--Kyle Casey drives to the net and puts up the basket, then makes a free-throw to put Harvard up 17-13.

8:17 --Long possession by the Harvard Crimson finally ends with points by Jeff Georgatos off of his own offensive rebound, Crimson 14-12.

6:48--Great play to get the ball to Lauren Rivard at the post fails to fall, and Oliver McNally commits a foul on the resulting play the other way. Columbia leads 11-10

5:20 -- Harvard defense has done a good job so far limiting the passing options for the Columbia lions. That time results in a traveling call. McNally takes a three off the resulting possession but no good, remains tied at 8-8.

4:27--Casey gets up big to block a Lions shot, but Crimson fail to convert for points on a fast-break. Possession continues to swing back and forth at a furious pace as the first media timeout is taken.

2:52--Second-chances resulting in back-to-back two-point field goals for both teams. Harvard leads 8-6 after a missed Keith Wright free-throw.

2:00--Back and forth action sees Harvard take the lead on Brandyn Curry's drive to the net.

1:20--Lions strike back courtesy of big man Mark Cisco, tied 2-2

00:30--Kyle Casey strikes first for the Crimson after winning the tip.

Starting Lineups:
Harvard Crimson
10-Brandyn Curry--So.
11-Oliver McNally--Jr. Co-Captain
15-Christian Webster--So.
30-Kyle Casey--So.
44-Keith Wright-Jr Co-Captain

Columbia Lions:
1-Noruwa Agho-Jr.
5-Steve Frankoski-Fr.
10-Brian Barbour-So.
15-John Daniels-So.
55-Mark Cisco-So.
-------Beginning of 1st Half------


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