Thursday, March 21, 2013

Jesse! We'll Cook in the Round of 64!

For the second consecutive year, Harvard Men's Basketball has made the tourney.  For the second consecutive year, there's a New Mexico connection.  Last year the Crimson faced Vanderbilt in The Pit, on the campus of the University of New Mexico.  Today they get a crack at the Lobos themselves, in Salt Lake City.  I don't know anything about basketball, but I love looking at Wikipedia.  Consider this your compendium of off-court knowledge in advance of tonight's showdown.

The University of New Mexico
-Founded in 1889 by legislative decree
-27,197 students are enrolled at UNM for the Spring 2013 semester
-19,464 of those are undergraduates
-15,047 of those are full-time students
-UNM has more undergrads who identify as "Hispanic" than who do as "White"
-402 students list their prior residence as Dona Ana County, home of New Mexico State University. Turncoats.
-Exactly one student lists his/her prior residence as Harding County
-Besides basketball, UNM athletics is famous for 1) Brian Urlacher and 2) that is all. 

-Hosted Harvard last year
-Have you watched even five minutes of Breaking Bad
-Or what about The Hills Have Eyes
-Albuquerque needs to triple funding to its tourism board, because Hollywood has me convinced that New Mexico is a terrifying hellworld. 

Salt Lake City
-Home of WHRB Sports' own Anton Khodakov
-Only a 10-hour drive from ABQ. Luckily UNM's Spring Break was last week.  Regardless, I expect a pro-Lobo zoo
-Located in the Great Basin, but pretty much abutting the western edge of the Rocky Mountains 
-Founded in 1847 by Brigham Young
-In 1856, SLC cruelly stole the title of Capital of the Utah Territory from Fillmore. Fillmore has been getting on just fine, though, thank you very much. 
-Was (sort of close to) the site of the "Golden Spike", marking the ceremonial completion of the First Transcontinental Railroad
-That was basically it for excitement until 1979, when New Orleans Jazz showed up

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