Sunday, January 31, 2010

ECAC: If the Playoffs Started Today 2

With a month left in the regular season, we take a look at what the playoffs would look like if they started today. We this back in December, and now we'll bring it out every week with the playoff races getting closer and growing in importance.

First Round Byes:
1. Cornell
2. Yale
3. Union
4. St. Lawrence

First Round Matchups
5. Colgate vs. 12. Clarkson
6. RPI vs. 11. Dartmouth
7. Quinnipiac vs. 10. Princeton
8. Harvard vs. 9. Brown

Last month, I noted that because of the tie-breakers, Harvard would end up being a lower seed traveling to St. Lawrence rather than to Providence, perhaps to the relief of Crimson fans because of Brown's form against Harvard. Now the seeding has changed completely, and Harvard is a home team, but they would get the matchup with Bruno that causes bad flashbacks of last year's sweep at home to Brown. Crimson fans can take hope knowing that if the seedings changed this much since the last month, they'll likely be different a month later as well.

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