Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Have a Holly, Jolly Sportsmas...

The Second Day of Sportsmas

What: Harvard men's hockey vs. Quinnipiac
When: 7pm tonight (Coverage begins at 6:45pm)
Where: Bright Center, Allston, MA
Who: Brendan Roche (play by play) and Raafi Alidina (color commentary)
Coverage: Tune in at 95.3 FM in the Greater Boston area or at from anywhere in the world.

Presenting: How Handsome Dan Stole Sportsmas

Intro: Every Cantab in Cambridge loved Sportsmas a lot, but Handsome Dan, who lived south of Cambridge, did not. Handsome Dan hated Sportsmas, the whole Sportsmas season. Now please don't ask why; no one knows of the reason. It could be, perhaps, that his left paw was lame. Or it could be because his team always lost in The Game. But I think that the most likely reason of all may have been that his heart was two sizes too small.

[It's Sportsmas morning and Handsome Dan has just stolen all the radios from Cambridge]

Handsome Dan: (awaiting the silence) That's a noise...
Narrator: Said Handsome Dan
Handsome Dan: That I simply must hear.
Narrator: So he paused - and Handsome Dan put a paw to his ear. And he did hear a sound rising over the snow. It started in low... then it started to grow. He puzzled and puzzled till his puzzler was sore. Then Handsome Dan thought of something he hadn't before! Maybe Sportsmas, he thought, isn't about the final score. Maybe Sportsmas... perhaps... means a little bit more! 
And what happened then? Well, in Cambridge they say that Handsome Dan's small heart grew three sizes that day. And then - the true meaning of Sportsmas burst out of its seam, and Handsome Dan found the strength of the Harvard sports teams!

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  1. Please tell me Sportsmas will become a WHRB tradition! Its the most wonderful time of the year