Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Merry Sportsmas!

The First Day of Sportsmas

What: Harvard Men's Basketball vs. Worcester Polytechnic Institute
When: 7pm tonight (coverage begins at 6:45)
Where: Lavietes Pavilion
Coverage: WHRB 95.3FM in Greater Boston area (or on the web at whrb.org)

(Its Sportsmas morning. Ebenezer Scrooge awakes from dream and runs to window)

Scrooge (to passerby): You there! What day is it?

Boy: Why, sir, its Sportsmas!

Scrooge: Sportsmas! God Bless you lad!

Boy: God Bless you sir!

(Scrooge runs to his room, turns on radio, tunes it to 95.3FM WHRB)

Merry Sportsmas everybody!!!!!!!!!

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