Saturday, February 26, 2011

Men's Hockey: ECAC Playoff Matchups Set

Congratulations are in order to the Union Dutchmen, who closed out the Cleary Cup in style with a decisive 5-0 victory over Princeton. Below are the playoff pairings for the ECAC playoffs. Explanations for tiebreakers at the end. The seedings are backed up by our post from last night which was checked against the possible result page. I'll update (or make a new post) when schedules are released.

1. Union 17-3-2 (36 points)
2. Yale 17-4-1 (35 points)
3. Dartmouth 12-8-2 (26 points)
t-4. Cornell 11-9-2 (24 points)#

First Round Playoffs
t-4. RPI 11-9-2 (24 points)% vs. 12. Colgate 4-15-3 (11 points) in Troy, NY
Season Series: Split 1-1
@Colgate: 2-1 OT RPI win
@RPI: 2-1 OT Colgate win
RPI Home Record: 12-4-1
RPI Last Five Games: 1-3-1
Colgate Road Record: 2-14-2
Colgate Last Five Games: 2-2-1

t-4. Princeton 11-9-2 (24 points)& vs. 11. St. Lawrence 6-15-1 (13 points)
Season Series: Princeton wins 2-0
@ Princeton: 5-1 Princeton win (December 4)
@ SLU: 5-3 Princeton win (January 28)
Princeton Home Record: 7-6-1
Princeton Last Five Games: 2-3-0
St. Lawrence Road Record: 5-11-3
St. Lawrence Last Five Games: 1-4-0

t-7. Clarkson 9-12-1 (19 points)*  vs. 10. Harvard 7-14-1 (15 points)
Season Series: Split 1-1
@ Clarkson: 3-1 Clarkson win (November 13)
@ Harvard: 3-1 Harvard win (February 25)
Clarkson Home Record: 5-10-2
Clarkson Last Five Game: 2-3-0
Harvard Road Record: 3-11-0
Harvard Last Five Games: 4-1-0

t-7. Quinnipiac 6-9-7 (19 points)^ vs. 9. Brown 8-12-2 (18 points)
Season Series: Series Split 0-0-2
@ Brown 3-3 OT Tie (November 5)
@ Quinnipiac 2-2 OT Tie (February 19)
Quinnipiac Home Record: 8-7-2
Quinnipiac Last Five Games: 0-2-3
Brown Road Record: 4-7-3
Brown Last Five Games: 2-2-1

#  Cornell, RPI and Princeton are all tied for fourth place with 24 points. Among head to head games with all three teams, Cornell took 6 points of 8, Princeton took 4 of 8, and RPI took 2 of 8. Therefore, Cornell is seeded fourth.

% With Cornell removed, we turn to resolving the tie between RPI and Princeton. The two teams split the head to head record and obviously wins are equal. RPI picked up 8 points of a possible 16 against the top 4 teams. Princeton took only 2 of 16. RPI is seeded 5th.

& See above for how Princeton lost both tiebreakers to Cornell and RPI. They are seeded sixth.

* Clarkson and Quinnipiac are tied for seventh place at 19 points. The two teams split on head to head. The next tiebreaker is league wins. Clarkson has 9 league wins to Quinnipiac's 6, so Clarkson is seeded 7th.

^ See above for why Quinnipiac lost the tiebreaker to Clarkson. As a result, the Bobcats are seeded 8th.

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